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*  Mission of the Air Force Association

*  Who was Colonel Herbert Madison West, Jr.?  

*  How does “Bud” West fit into the AFA Mission?         

*  Profile of the “Bud” West Chapter

*  Chapter Officers 2019-20:  Contact Information

*  How can I get involved?

*  Chapter Dinner Meetings

*  Chapter Newsletters – “The Tallahassee AFA Flyer”

Mission of the Air Force Association

The mission of the Air Force Association (AFA) is to educate the public about the critical role of aerospace power in the defense of our nation; advocate aerospace power and a strong national defense; and support the United States Air Force, the Air Force Family and aerospace education.


The AFA is an independent, nonprofit, civilian education organization promoting public understanding of aerospace power and the pivotal role it plays in the security of the nation. AFA publishes Air Force Magazine, conducts national symposia and disseminates information through outreach programs. It sponsors professional development seminars and recognizes excellence in the education and aerospace fields through national awards programs. AFA presents scholarships and grants to Air Force active duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members and their dependents; and awards educator grants to promote science and math education at the elementary and secondary school level. Additionally, AFA publishes a wide range of materials on Air Force Association website. 


In 2006, AFA celebrated its 60th Anniversary and consolidated its activities with those of the Aerospace Education Foundation, formerly an affiliate. The consolidation allowed AFA to become a tax-exempt charitable education institution. The combined organization operates under the name ‘Air Force Association’ and has continued and expanded the educational programs of the former Aerospace Education Foundation.


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How does “Bud” West fit into the AFA Mission?

As the “Bud” West Chapter is over 100 miles from the nearest Air Force installation, long ago the chapter’s executive council determined that our most effective support of the AFA Mission could be best achieved by concentrating our efforts and attention to education of the public about the critical role of aerospace power in the defense of our nation.  Toward this end, “Bud” West has developed a multitude of initiatives designed to support advancement of math and science curriculums in our schools, and to support both senior and junior AFROTC programs in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.   In addition to our support of the AFROTC program at Florida State University and the AFJROTC program at Godby High School in Tallahassee, our outreach also provides support to two AFJROTC programs in southwest Georgia.  More than a decade ago, after soliciting and receiving permission from AFA (Georgia), “Bud” West began its uninterrupted support of the superb AFJROTC programs at Bainbridge High School and Thomasville High School, which were not in close proximity to any Georgia AFA chapter.  We are also proud of the excellent coordination and working relationship that exists between the chapter and Tallahassee Composite Squadron 432 of the Civil Air Patrol.  Now, and throughout our chapter’s history, many “Bud” West Chapter members have also been members of that fine U. S. Air Force Auxiliary organization.


Also, “Bud” West has established working relationships with the Challenger Learning Center and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory here in Tallahassee.  On separate occasions, “Bud” West has hosted very productive semi-annual meetings for the five Northwest Florida AFA Area chapters using the superb facilities of each organization.  These meetings were very successful and showcased premier facilities that can be directly linked to the Air Force Association’s goal of advancing aerospace education through emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  We are always looking for new members with new ideas, not only to build on and nurture these mutually beneficial relationships, but to seek out and develop new collaborative relationships.


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Profile of the Colonel H. M. “Bud” West Chapter

As of July 31, 2013 there were 264 members of the “Bud” West Chapter, of which about 11 percent were Community Partners, 30 percent were life members, and 13 percent were AFROTC Cadets from Florida State University.  About 83 percent of our members reside in Tallahassee, 16 percent reside in surrounding areas of Northwest Florida, and the remainder live in adjacent states.  We have a good mix of civilians from around the community and retired military – both officer and enlisted, mostly Air Force but several from the other armed services.  We also have a few active Air Force, reservists, former service members, active Civil Air Patrol members and Community Partners dedicated to supporting and working to achieve the goals and objectives of the Air Force Association.


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Chapter Officers 2018–20:  Contact Information

This chapter is governed by an Executive Council.  Together with the elected officers listed below, a group of function-specific vice presidents and other chapter members are annually appointed to serve on the “Bud” West Chapter Executive Council.   



Thomas S Carney

5331 Tallapoosa Rd

Tallahassee, FL 32317-9536



Vice President

Stephen Sullivan

1928 Saddlebrook Drive

Tallahassee, FL 32303





Ken David

3234 Salinger Way

Tallahassee, FL 32311



• VP Community Partnership/Membership

Stephen Sullivan


John E Schmidt Jr


• VP Communications

VP Leadership Development

Michael A Snodgrass

Civil Air Patrol

Lynn Damron

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How can I get involved?

When the Air Force Association and the Aerospace Education Foundation (AEF), merged in 2006, all restrictions on membership in the association were removed.  The AFA of today is open to all—a totally inclusive organization.  As such, we are always seeking new members that share our beliefs that aerospace power provides for a strong national defense.   The easiest and friendliest way to get involved with the “Bud” West Chapter is to contact one of the officers listed above.  We always have a handful of applications and would be happy to meet with you, tell you about our chapter, and answer any questions you may have.  If you would prefer to quickly begin or renew your AFA membership, please follow the appropriate link below – and be sure to designate AFA Chapter 419, Colonel H. M. “Bud” West as your chapter affiliation.

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Community Partners

Businesses or any individual with interests in aerospace power and national defense may wish to consider the Air Force Association Community Partner Program.  This program publicly identifies a business or an individual as a supporter of the Air Force Association and, consequently, of the Air Force and its people.  The “Bud” West Chapter has consistently been a national leader in the recruitment of dedicated men and women who wish to contribute to America’s peace and security through affiliation with an independent, nonprofit, national association, dedicated to promoting a strong deterrent force.  If you are interested, or know of others who may be interested, please contact Stephen Sullivan, our Vice President for Community Partners at 850-556-4578; he will be pleased to meet or talk with you. 


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Chapter Dinner Meetings through 2020

Quarterly, “Bud” West convenes the Chapter dinner meetings in Tallahassee at the new Holiday Inn, 2003 Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee.  The social gathering prior to the meeting provides an excellent opportunity to see old friends and to make new ones.  Generally, a brief business meeting is followed by buffet dinner, which by all accounts, is always excellent.  The evening is topped off by a distinguished guest speaker whom the chapter’s executive council has sought out to speak on a subject of topical interest to our members.  The dinner meetings through May of 2020 are:


15 August 2019

21 November 2019

20 February 2020

21 May 2020


Social:           1830 hours

Dinner:           1915 hours


Holiday Inn Hotels & Suites

2003 Apalachee Parkway



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Chapter Newsletters:  The Tallahassee AFA Flyer”

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*  August 2019


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